Feel free to listen and/or dowload Dj Swift music. Featuring his two famous mashups albums and  the RE-INTERMISSION album.

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Rock that Sh$t !
Hip Hop, Pop, rock mixtape
Danger Mouse
Dj Muggs

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Frenchyz in L.A.
Electro, Pop, Hip Hop mixtape

Birdy nam nam
Mark Ronson

Re-Intermission Cover Album

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1: CLASSICAL – Sick Jacken, Evidence and Dj Swift
2: GANGSTA SHIT – Bun B, M1 and Skinced
3: GUNSHOTS – Chace Infinite, Alchemist and Dj Swift
4: FIGURE IT OUT – Young De, Xzibit, Maestro and El Specialista
5: LIKE THAT Y’ALL – Planet Asia and Dj Swift
6: MEET YOUR MAKER – Reef the lost cause, Outer Space and Skinced
7: CHAMPIONS – Big Twins, Prodigy and Dj Swift
8: LET GO – Fashawn and El Specialista
9: INTERMISSION – Rza, Rev Will Burk, Planet Asia, B Real and Dj Swift
10: WORLD WE’RE – Cynic and El Specialista
11: DO IT – La Coka Nostra and Dj Swift
12: REP YO SHIT – P.C.P. And Skinced

Swift Rock the Hip Hop 2

1: Intro
2: Cocoa Brovaz vs Guess who : Brooklyn woman
3: Beck vs Qtip : For the looser
4: Lynyrd Skynrd vs Royce Da 59 : Sweet boom
5: The Special vs Busta Rhymes : A message to you my B*
6: Weezer vs Notorious BIG : Big Poppa in Beverly hills
7: The Clash vs Eminem : Should I stay the real slim shady??
8: Amy Whinehouse vs House of Pain: I told you that I was on point
9: Skit
10: The Beatles vs Dr Dre and B Real : The Assassin is a rich man
11: Jimi Hendricx vs Jay Z : Voodoo Magic
12: The Beatles vs Sick Jacken : The Mask and the girl
13: John Lennon vs 50 Cents : Women shopper
14: Guess Who vs Das Efx : No sugar with the real hip hop
15: Incubus vs Lil John : The Fuckin’ warmth
16: Acdc vs Beastie Boys : Shook my power
17: Intro

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Swift Rock the Hip Hop

1: Intro
2: Hed Pe vs Inspectah Deck : Crazy room
3: Sugar Ray vs Dr Dre and Eminem : Open mics
4: Dj Swift vs Rasco : Bustin
5: Metalica and Snoop Dogg : Sade but true
6: So watcha want
7: Acdc vs Mop : Back in the building
8: Fieldy and Redman : Just for now (remix)
9: One minute silence vs Nas : Available in different colour
10: Radio skit
11: Pixies vs Gangstar : Where is the revolutionnist
12: Dog eat dog vs Jeru the Damaja : Good times for El presidente
13: Beastie Boys: Intergalactic (swift remix)
14: Rage Against the machine vs K Solo and Redman : Boom in Jersey
15: Subliminal Skit
16: While my turntables gently weeps outro